Enjoy great perks with us on your side

Growing as a professional is easy when your company’s got your back. Just as it should be.

A list of perks and benefits, thoughtfully designed with the help of our employees, are there to make your career progress more effective and balanced.

Flexible Environment

At Klika we offer a flexible working environment, flexible organization and we really care about your individuality.

So, what does being flexible mean? It means that everything can be arranged with your team, but it also means that you have to be responsible with the trust bestowed upon you.


We like to invest in your education, either by providing you with various types of technical courses, soft-skills educations or special certifications that might be of interest to you.

As a part of our team, you will also get your own dedicated education budget that covers various events, conferences, that might be of interest to you. Travel expenses, tickets and accommodations are all covered by this budget.


Much to learn (and teach) you still have, our young padawan-to-be. Our personal development initiatives provide a continuous growth and career development framework for every employee. Mentorship is a one-on-one system of knowledge transfer between the more and less experienced team members.


We are practicing an honest and continuous process of feedbacks. Their goal is to provide a two-way communication process where both the you and the company can work on our mutual improvement

Internal Meetups, Knowledge sharing

Sharing is caring, and we care a lot! We provide various knowledge sharing platforms that group themselves around different topics (meetups, OpenPortSession, workshops). Being a part of these groups means a great level of involvement and commitment in both learning and sharing from past experiences.

Profit Sharing

Bonuses are a way of sharing the financial success of the company with our team. Bonuses are awarded if the previous year was a success and their timing depend on the submission of the financial reports. The criteria for the bonus amount awarded to each team member entitled to it is the individual contribution to the success of the company.

Klika Service Awards

Klika Service Awards is a way to say “thank you” to our employees and celebrate their years of commitment in our company. You get various bonus perks for every milestone in Klika. We are talking about additional vacation days, summer hours and a four day work week.

Paid Maternity Leave

All the women at Klika have a right to one year paid maternity leave in case they decide to become mothers. Fathers are also eligible to take the paid paternity leave.

New Year Vacation

We like to start the New Year fresh and relaxed. That’s why we provide additional free days around New Year to all our employees.


Every Klika’s team member is entitled to a gym or other organized sport activity monthly allowance. All you need to do is to bring a receipt or some other proof that you have paid the membership for the given month, and the money will be refunded to you with the maximum amount of a given monthly allowance at the beginning of the following month.

Yearly Medical Checkups

Health of Klika’s each team member is our top priority. That is why we encourage not just a healthy lifestyle but also organize a yearly medical checkup for everyone at Klika.

A healthy body for a healthy mind!


Got that afternoon munchies? We provide a food packed fridge so you can make a little break and fix yourself a snack, whenever you like. And we like to throw our occasional food events (Klika Special Taste). Bon Appétit!


Once a year, we organize a companywide teambuilding to reward our employees for all the hard work and strengthen our company culture. This event is always organized and announced in a timely manner.

Pet friendly office

One of our PAWesome perks is that we provide our employees with the openness and flexibility to bring their own pet to work. But to emBARK into this adventure, you must be responsible for your pet and assure that it CAT not interfere with their work and DOGS not make your teammates uncomfortable.