Get a glimpse into life at Klika

We live by our company values and company culture, so here is a glimpse inside all the not so work-related things that happen at Klika. Balance is the key to a fulfilled life, and we really love to balance inspiring and challenging work with fun and leisure.

We say yes to fun

Summer Events

Summer is all about outdoor hangouts with our people. Every summer, we organise a lot of fun events including cocktails, good music and interesting locations.

Winter Events

As the end of the year approaches, we use the chance to gather and celebrate the successful year behind us and to look forward to new, exciting challenges waiting just around the corner.

Holiday celebrations

At Klika, we value diversity and all beauties that come with it. That’s why we always find a way to celebrate different holidays and traditions of our employees.

Family Events

Family events are a fantastic way to meet the people that matter the most to our employees. Throw-out the year, we organize different events with something for everyone to delight in.

Life by Klika

Pictures speak a thousand words. Why read about our company life when you can just see it for yourself…
Life at KlikaLife at KlikaLife at KlikaLife at KlikaLife at KlikaLife at Klika